About Us

Here’s a little bit about us. At Access Video, we enhance our service to clients by hiring talented freelance professionals as needed.

Kathie Brown

Before joining Access Video in 1984, Kathie was a public relations specialist for United Way. Her responsibilities included production assistance on the annual United Way campaign film and television specials, as well as working with United Way of America on NFL TV spots. At Access Video, she oversees all aspects of the business, from pre-production planning through client approval of the finished product. Kathie has a B.A. in Communications from Cleveland State University.

Randy Brown

Randy began his career in the early seventies working for Impact Films, a New York documentary film production company. He returned to Ohio in the mid-seventies to work in television news for an NBC affiliate. He was Producer/Director for an ad agency before beginning his own video production business. At Access Video, he is responsible for the creative and technical aspects of each production. Randy has a B.F.A. in Theater and Film from Denison University.