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Enhanced First Person

Here's a unique technique that provides great results. Many people who appear in the videos we produce are "non-professional talent"--that is their real job doesn't involve speaking on camera everyday. They're executives, sales people, medical professionals, professors and students. And for quite a few of them, being videotaped is not high on their list of favorite things to do.

It's our job to help them communicate effectively. We want to put them at ease and make the shoot a positive experience.

That's why we've developed a production technique called "ENHANCED FIRST PERSON". Rather than having people read from a teleprompter or look off camera at an interviewer--we actually project a live image of the interviewer in front of the camera lens. The result has people speaking naturally while looking directly into the camera. This direct "eye contact" with the viewer adds credibility and impact.

To "enhance" the scene, we shoot the interviewee against a blue screen and composite them in an animated background that reinforces their story. This saves time when doing multiple interviews since we can set up in one location, yet still give each interview a unique look.

As we all know, time is money. And if there's one thing clients like more than saving time, it's saving money!

"The bonus in all of this is that the client not only enjoys a better product, but saves time doing it"
Mike Quinn
Public Affairs Department
John Carroll University

Hidden Valley Lake, CA Phone: 707-809-7253

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